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Why Carbinge™?

For decades, metal has been the standard material in use for continuous hinges. When industry switched from metal to lighter composite technology, hinging systems did not keep pace – until now... » Read article

Carbinge™ can be used to attach cowling.

Use Carbinge™ to attach wingtips.

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The Latest In Hinges

Carbinge™ is a continuous hinge made of woven carbon fiber in cured resin. The hinge pin can be steel or other material depending on intended use.

Carbinge™ is the new standard in hinges with unique advantages such as strength and strength to weight ratio, durability, ease of application, corrosion resistance, esthetics, and more.

We recommend Carbinge™ for virtually any continuous hinge needed in aero and marine applications or other structures including mobile homes, furniture, cabinets, etc. They are ideal for trim tab fasteners, upper/lower cowl attachments, and other similar aircraft applications.

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Use the control arrows to move to the next image to view the larger photos of Carbinge™ continuous carbon fiber hinges. You may also view images of Carbinge™ and/or sample applications on the pages for Carbinge Keepers™, Cowl Attachment How-To, and Wingtip Attachment How-to.

Carbinge™ can be trimmed easily with any carbide blade (after removing the steel pin) and can be shaped and/or smoothed with a file or with sandpaper.

The following steps are the recommended procedure for attaching Carbinge™ to any composite surface:

  1. Thoroughly sand all surfaces to be bonded removing all shiny areas with 50 to 120 grit sandpaper. There has been much discussion about the grit to use. We believe that a smaller grit will give more surface area and a stronger bond.
  2. Clean the surfaces carefully with acetone.
  3. Use a high peel strength adhesive for bonding following manufacturer's directions for use of these materials. Use of a high peel strength adhesive will give stronger results than epoxy/flox. In either case, secure the hinge at each end with rivets or screws to protect against peel, especially if the hinge will be in a high stress environment. Be sure to keep the bonding material out of the working parts of the hinge.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER AND GUARANTEE: Use of Carbinge™ is at the purchaser's sole discretion and risk. Leading Edge Technologies makes no warranties, implied or expressed, with regard to the products or their suitability for any particular use except that they are rated to support 3,000 pounds per one-foot length of the hinge material. Carbinge Keepers™ are guaranteed not to back out and the solder joint is guaranteed not to fail. Remedies are restricted solely to repair or replacement of defective material, at manufacturer's discretion.

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